Pig Gestation Crates - Sow Gestation Stalls

The pig gestation crates is also called sow gestation stalls, which can save the area of the pig farm to the greatest extent, and at the same time it is easier to manage the gestational sow, improve the work efficiency of the farmer, and reduce the labor intensity.

Pig gestation crates allows the sows to stand and walk a few steps forward or backward, but it is inconvenient for them to turn around and move freely, which reduces the amount of activity of the pigs and sows and therefore reduces the consumption of feed. Although some countries and regions have banned its use, the gestation stalls do facilitate the observation and management of the pig herd by farmers, and increase the productivity of pigs.

Hightop is a professional supplier of pig gestation stalls. We can customize suitable size restraint fences for different types and sizes of pigs, so as to provide pigs and sows with as much movement space as possible.

Gestation Stalls Specification
Item Hot Treatment Galvanized Pipe Frame Hot Treatment Front Door Hot Treatment Back Door Sow Feeder SS Nipple Drinker Galvanized steel water pipe Install Tools
Size Diameter 32mm Thickness2.0mm Diameter 25mm Thickness2.0mm Diameter 25mm Thickness2.0mm Iron Plate With Painting Stainless Steel 100cm

gestation crate

sow stall

pig stall

Gestation Crates for Sows and Pigs

pig gestation crates

pig gestation stalls

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