Automatic Pig Feeding Systems - Hog Feeding Equipment

Automatic pig feeding systems are essential for medium and large pig and hog farms, because manual pig feeding requires a lot of labor and time, making production efficiency very low.

The automatic hog feeding equipment is mainly composed of a feed tower, a drive unit, a conveying pipe, a quantitative cup, a wet and dry feeder, a controller, a sensor, and supporting components. The feed is sealed and quickly transported to the feeder or trough through the feed line. Each sow and pig can be fed separately and the gestational sows can be managed in a group. It can achieve automatic feeding at a uniform time, which is convenient for pig and hog farm management.

After the automatic pig feeding systems are put into use, it can realize automatic operation, reduce the labor intensity of the breeder, and improve the production efficiency of the pig farm. It has the good characteristics of stable performance, reliable use, and low failure rate.

Hog Feeding Equipment

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