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For medium and large swine farms, automatic hog and pig equipment plays an important role. It facilitates centralized management of farmers and minimizes the labor force of farmers. Although the initial investment is large, it can save a lot of labor and time. In the long run, these essential equipment save costs.

Hightop is one of leading poultry and pig farming equipment suppliers. We focus on developing complete sets of hog and pig equipment and systems for large-scale poultry and pig farming. Our poultry and swine equipment includes but not limited to automatic battery cage system, gestation & pig farrowing crate system, hog farrowing pen, pig stall, trough, pig feeder and waterer, ear notcher, these pig farming equipment is not limited to operational efficiency and increasing producers profit.


We broke the traditional design philosophy, and design the most suitable farrowing house according to customer’s requirement.


The important features that a stall for Swine equipment must meet are safety, comfort and ease of use.


If needed, we provide complete equipment for piglets. Of course, it is tailor-made for you.

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