Swine, Sow, Hog and Pig Farrowing Crate

Pig farrowing crate provides a clean and orderly environment for swine farms, facilitating centralized management of pig and hot farms and reducing labor and time costs for farmers. For medium and large pig farms, sow delivery requires farmers to pay more attention to sows and piglets. Due to the small number of traditional domestic pigs, pigs need less labor, time and experience to take care of than commercial swine farms. However, a medium and large pig farm may have many sows giving birth. So traditional farrowing methods will inevitably make the scene chaotic and waste land.

At this time, professional pig farrowing crates are particularly important for pig and hog farms. They can isolate multiple sows, and each sow has its own farrowing space and piglet activity space. The sow and piglet are separated by a steel fence to prevent the sow from crushing the piglet to death after delivery, and at the same time allow the piglet to be close to the sow and feed comfortably. In addition, the hog farrowing crate we designed for sows has a separate heating room to provide a suitable temperature environment for the piglets.

Hightop is one of leading pig and hog farrowing crate manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have designed farrowing box styles and functions to meet the needs of different pig farrowing systems, and can provide personalized solutions for swine farms.

Double Farrowing Crate Spec
Item Size Quantity
Hot treatment galvanized pipe frame 2.0mm 1 set
BMC Sow Full Leaking Slat Floor 600*1100mm  25.0kg 2 pcs
BMC Sow Half Leaking Slat Floor 600*1100mm  26.5kg 2 pcs
BMC Piglets Full Leaking Slat Floor 450*1100mm  16.5kg 8 pcs
BMC Warm House Floor 600*1100mm  21.0kg 2 pcs
BMC Warm House 600*2200mm 1 set
Stainless Steel Sow Feeder 420mm 2 pcs
Plastic Piglet Feeder 32*32mm 2 pcs
Sow Stainless Steel Nipple Drinker 68mm 2 pcs
Piglet Stainless Steel Nipple Drinker 58mm 2 pcs
Galvanized Water Pipe 1000mm 2 pcs
Cast Iron Table Leg 300mm 24 pcs
Install Tools 1 set

Fully hot-dip galvanized pipe

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